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Industrial Property Prices Witness a Price Rise by 25-30 percent in Noida and Greater Noida post-COVID: Buniyad Group

NCR-based real estate consultancy firm Buniyad Group has claimed that industrial properties in Noida and Greater Noida have seen a price rise of approximately 25-35%. This was after the economy returned to normalcy and the effects of COVID-19 ebbed in the opening months of 2022.

As per the firm’s statement, the prices vary based on the location and connectivity of the industrial properties on sale, elaborating that it has witnessed a cumulative increase and now has stayed between a cost increase range of 25-35%. The prices of industrial properties are also ascertained on a host of other factors like good infrastructure for connectivity, availability of skilled workers, builtup area, amenities etc. as outlined by the realty advisory firm.

Talking about the investment patterns in industrial realty hotspots, Mr Ansh Batra, Buniyad Group, said, “More investors are channelising their finances in industrial plots and properties with an aim to churn out returns in the form of rental and capital appreciation through their capital investment. Investments with a motive to earn rent are more prominent in the industrial real estate sector.”

Elaborating on the future price expectations, Mr Batra added, “Though the price increase of 25-35% has already occurred, based on our evaluation of cost trends, the cost of industrial properties will see an inevitable growth in the coming quarters. Nevertheless, the price surge will happen in a limited year on year basis as a big jump has already taken place.”

Buniyad Group’s analysis also raises a startling fact which is the limited supply of industrial plots in the developed sectors of Noida and Greater Noida. This has accentuated the capital appreciation value of industrial properties leading to an imminent increase in their prices due to a dearth of supply and availability.

Correlating the growth of residential and industrial real estate as ‘directly proportional‘, Buniyad Group highlighted that industrial activity generates massive employment opportunities which advertently raises the demand for residential accommodations in sectors located in its proximity. Luxury housing is doing well, while at the same time other residential segments have also prospered with the growth of industries predicated as a major factor behind this phenomenon.

Buniyad Group is a leading real estate consultancy firm and has a pan-India presence with offices in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore. The company has been in existence for more than three decades and deals majorly in luxury and industrial real estate properties.


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