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The Quint Wins 2 RendInk Awards and 9 afaqs! The Future of News Awards

Two of The Quint’s documentaries have been awarded the prestigious RedInk Award for excellence in Indian journalism, and nine of The Quint’s stories have been recognised in afaqs! The Future of News Awards across multiple categories, six of which were Gold awards.

Tridip K Mandal and independent journalist Dominic Savio Diengdoh have won the RedInk Award in the Environment (TV) category, for their documentary ‘How a Village In Meghalaya Fought Against Uranium Mining’. Aishwarya Iyer, formerly a journalist at The Quint, has won in the Women Empowerment and Gender Equality (TV) category, for ‘The System That Silences Rape: Tracking 4 Sexual Assault Survivors in UPs Banda‘.

Additionally, The Quint also received nine awards across multiple categories in afaqs! The Future of News Awards.

1. Category: Best Coverage of Social Issues (English)

Award: Gold

Winner: Uprooted: From Jammu to Srinagar, Stories of Kashmiri Pandits in Exile

Anthony S Rozario’s video story on understanding the plight of Kashmiri Pandits who fled militancy that rocked the Valley in the 90s won Gold in this category. The video was shot by Shiv Kumar Maurya and Ribhu Chatterji and edited by Harpal Rawat.

2. Category: Best Coverage of Social Issues (English)

Award: Bronze

Winner: Voices Behind the Veil: The Human Cost of Karnatakas Hijab Ban

After the Karnataka HC upheld the ban on hijab in educational institutions in March 2022, hijabi school and college students remained out of their classrooms for months. Fatima Khans video report brought their voices. The video was edited by Purnendu Pritam.

3. Category: Best Follow-up Reporting (English)

Award: Gold

Winner: ‘I’d Do It Again’: Hindu Man Who Saved Lives of 8 Muslims in Ayodhya in 1992

Thirty years after the Babri Masjid was demolished, Parag Lal Yadav and Razia Khatoon continue to live next door. Somya Lakhani brought this human story of two neighbours during and in the aftermath of violence. The video was shot by Athar Rather, produced by Zijah Sherwani, and edited by Puneet Bhatia.

4. Category: Best Investigative Reporting (English)

Award: Gold

Winner: PM-CARES Promised Rs. 100 Crore for Vaccine Development. Where Did That Money Go

The PM-CARES Fund was supposed to provide Rs. 100 crore for ‘vaccine development’. Where did that money go asks Meghnad Bose in his report that won Gold in this category.

5. Category: Best Current Affairs Programme (English)
Award: Silver

Winner: Baizzat Bari: What Acquittal Means for Muslims Wrongfully Accused of Terror
Zijah Sherwani’s documentary, which aims to highlight the ordeals of people from the Muslim community who have been wrongfully accused of terror activities, won in this category. The documentary was shot by Shiv Kumar Maurya, Athar Rather, Sanjoy Deb, and Ribhu Chatterjee and the video was edited by Puneet Bhatia.

6. Category: Best Rural Reporting (English)

Award: Gold

Winner: Apna Time Aayega: When Dalits Fight for Dignity

Asmita Nandy’s documentary on how several Dalits in eastern Uttar Pradesh are breaking through the obstacles of caste discrimination, fighting for dignity, asserting their aspirations, and demanding political representation, won in this category. The documentary was shot by the reporter, along with Shiv Kumar Maurya and edited by Prashant Chauhan and Vivek Gupta.

7. Category: Best Coverage of Entertainment (English)

Award: Gold

Winner: ‘Dubbed & Superhit’: This is How South-Indian Films are Dubbed in Hindi

The box office collection of Hindi dubbed South Indian films like KGF 2, Pushpa, and RRR is much better than Bollywood. In this documentary, Tridip K Mandal goes behind the scenes to meet the people who dub these blockbusters in Hindi.

8. Category: Best Mobile Phone Story (English)

Award: Gold

Winner: Nagaland Killings: Telling The Story Through The Eyes of Those Left Behind

Just a few days after the killing of 13 villagers in the Mon, Nagaland, Arpita Ghosh travelled to Oting village, from where those who died in the botched-up Army operation belonged. The video was edited by Rahul Sanpui.

9. Category: Best Use of Infographics in a News Story

Award: Bronze

Winner: Rising Waters and Sinking City: Mumbai Against the Tides

Mumbai is plagued by a host of environmental issues but one of the more urgent threats is that of rising global mean sea temperatures and sea levels. This project by Himanshi Dahiya documents how a fisherman, an entrepreneur, and a marketing professional, are all vulnerable to climate change in different capacities. The video was shot by Sanjoy Deb, Yashpal Singh, and Gautam Sharma and edited by Prashant Chauhan.

About Quint Digital Media Limited

The Quint, launched in March 2015, is India’s fastest-growing pure-play digital news and views platform. Mobile-first and highly interactive, it brings a distinctive combination of compelling, credible journalism blended with innovative, visual storytelling formats to deliver incisive takes on politics, policy, sports, gender, entertainment, wellness, web culture, and more.

In a short span of seven years, The Quint has over 16 million followers across social media platforms. It has clocked upwards of 80 million page views, 82 million video views, and 100 million unique visitors across platforms (monthly average in the second quarter of 2022). Quint Hindi serves the swiftly growing demographic of local language speakers in India. The Quint is certified by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN); its fact-checking initiative, WebQoof debunks mis/disinformation in both Hindi and English. The Quint also has a robust citizen journalism vertical, My Report.

The Quint’s has won several accolades over the years including the prestigious Ramnath Goenka Awards, WAN-IFRA Awards, Adobe VDONXT Awards, Digipub Awards, and others.


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