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Aam Admi Party (AAP) Landed in Nagaland

Dimapur, 25 Jan 2022: Aam Admi Party (AAP) Nagaland was officially launched today by Rajesh Sharma, AAP Incharge of North-East, with Asu Kehyo appointed as AAP State President.Sharma announced the official launch of the AAP in the state of Nagaland today at the 2K hotel in Kohima, with Development Agendas for Education, Health Care, and Good Road Infrastructure as the main priorities.

In describing the party, Sharma stated that it arose from a movement against corruption in 2012, as the country lacked development even after 75 years of independence.

He added that Nagaland is facing the same problem, with no development and deep-rooted corruption, and that AAP invites all like-minded people who have the vision to eliminate corruption.When asked if the AAP will run candidates in the upcoming Nagaland election, Sharma stated unequivocally that the AAP will run candidates.

He also stated that a coordination committee, led by the state president, will be formed in the coming days to finalise the candidate lists.Asu Kehyo, the newly appointed AAP State President, stated that the party’s vision is to abandon the hornbill festival, which has become an abominable act in the context of our belief and culture because we have never worshipped or idolised hornbills or any other creatures as we appear to be doing today, and to implement a transparency and merits recruitment policy based on 80% marks for written exams and 10% for academic excellence.

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