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“Out Of Syllabus”: PM When Student Asked About Opposition Criticism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today had a witty response when asked about the criticism he faces by the members of various opposition parties.

Responding to a student at the ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha event, the Prime Minister said “criticism is like purification in a democracy”.

“The question is out of the syllabus. I have a conviction that criticism is an absolute condition and a Shuddhi Yagna for a prosperous democracy,” PM Modi said.

He interacted with scores of students and addressed their queries at the sixth edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha – an annual interaction he has with students ahead of board examinations.

Underlining the difference between criticism and blames, PM Modi advised parents against putting undue pressure on children over marks.

“Parents should criticize their children in a constructive way. If you are hardworking and honest, then you should not care about the criticisms because they become your strength,” he said.

He asked the students not to get pressurised and to stay focused on their goals.

“Expectations from family are natural, but if the family is looking at social status, then it’s not healthy. Do not be suppressed by pressures. Stay focused,” he said.

“Think, Analyse, Act, and then give your best to achieve what you aspire for,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister also explained the importance of time management to students. “Time management is important not only for examinations but also in your daily life. Just prioritise your work. If you observe your mother, then you will understand how to manage your time well,” he said.

He also spoke strongly against ‘cheating’ in exams.

“Some students use their creativity for ‘cheating’ in exams. If those students use their time and creativity in a good way, they will achieve success. We should never opt for shortcuts in life,” the Prime Minister said.


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