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“Pariksha Pe Charcha” My Pariksha Too: PM’s Top Quotes At Students’ Meet

Every year, students from across the country write to me seeking advice. It’s a very inspiring and enriching experience for me. “Pariksha Pe Charcha” is my Pariksha too.
I urge the parents not to pressurise their children. But at the same time, students should also not underestimate their capabilities. Expectations from family are natural, but if the family is looking at social status, then it’s not healthy. Do not be suppressed by pressures. Stay focused.
In politics too, we are always under pressure to get more seats. But do we really need to be pressurised because of this? In cricket, when a player comes to bat, the whole stadium starts chanting “chauka, chauka”. But the batsman doesn’t give any heed to the pressure of the audience and remains focussed on the ball. Similarly, we must appear for exams with focus and diligence.
Time management is important not only for examinations but also in your daily life. Just prioritise your work. If you observe your mother, then you will understand how to manage your time well.
Some students use their creativity for ‘cheating’ in exams. If those students use their time and creativity in a good way, they will achieve success. We should never opt for shortcuts in life.


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